What I do

What I do

My work focuses on supporting those suffering from toxic relationships, particularly narcissistic abuse which presents with unique needs for healing. 

I also specialize in helping parents adjust their parenting techniques to the unique needs of their child(ren) or situation. This includes adjusting to conflict in the home, divorce, and issues surrounding gender and sexual diversity. 

Additionally, I work with adults and youth experiencing personal adjustment based on sexual and gender diversity. 

I strive to empower others to move forward from stagnant, unfulfilling, and/or difficult circumstances in an emotionally safe space for all clients by incorporating awareness of social justice issues and cultural diversity.

Whenever necessary and/or possible, I use my continuous and ever-adapting education, knowledge, and experience to advocate, consult, and educate others about parenting, gender and sexually diverse issues and competency, and adolescent development topics.


Continue to explore, adapt, and respond to the unique needs for those freeing themselves from toxic relationship abuse (narcissistic abuse) in families and romantic relationships, including, but not limited to, emotionally safe communal support spaces, skills building, and individual coaching. 

Provide relationship and personal coaching to parents and families in conflict by coaching them to improve communication skills, introducing elements of self-care through more effective coping skills, and teaching evidence-based parenting methods based on the individual needs of each family member as they exist in the overall function of the family.

In recognition of research challenging the social construct of the gender binary, I support gender and sexually diverse individuals by providing an emotionally safe space to explore aspects of their identity toward self-actualization using evidence-based practice as outlined in the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) and American Psychological Association (APA) Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Clients.

To that end, I also provide support for the families of gender and sexually diverse individuals by providing an emotionally safe space with education toward acceptance of and support for their gender and sexually diverse loved one to reduce risk factors associated with nonacceptance. 


To support those in need with validation, compassion, and understanding during difficult life circumstances while reducing disruptions to ongoing healthy relationships. To protect the emotional, psychological, and identity development of children through divorce and/or family conflict in a way that is sensitive to cultural differences.