About Me

I have my Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology and am a Certified Holistic Life Coach. In addition to my office in Hamilton, Ohio I teach the mandatory parenting class for divorcing couples in Butler County and psychology classes at Cincinnati State Technical College.

Life Coaching

My work as a life coach focuses on your present situation and how we can work together to develop the skills needed to enhance your life. In partnership with you, we will assess what is working, what is not working, and how to use your strengths to propel you toward your present goal.

If it seems that your level of need requires more in-depth care, I will make referrals as necessary with the least disruption necessary to the work we are doing together.

My Experience

I spent over five years as a Mental Health Specialist working with children and adolescents on residential and inpatient psychiatric units in a hospital. During my time there I mentored clients, led support groups, ran the day to day schedule of activities, worked with families, and taught crisis prevention skills to other staff members.

As a graduate student of a doctoral program for clinical psychology I gained practicum and internship experience by:

  • working with children in a middle school setting, both individually and in groups to address issues with grief, increase social skills, and improve self esteem;

  • facilitating therapeutic adult groups that utilized mindfulness and emotional regulation techniques to empower members with the skills needed to tackle every day challenges and cope with symptoms of mental illness with adults in residential and outpatient settings;

  • diagnostically assessing adults in an inpatient hospital and prisons; and,

  • training other professionals in mindfulness, emotion regulation, and gender and sexual diverse competency.

Within the community I created and facilitated a support group for high school students identifying as gender and sexually diverse and presented Transgender and LGBTQ Cultural Competency Trainings. I also created a panel discussion presented at several LGBT youth conferences aimed at sharing the varied ways adults reconcile their varied sexual and gender identities with their religious and/or spiritual beliefs.